Mother Earth Spirits of Forest

Mother Earth Spirits of Forest
Synthetic Harp

Morning Dew....

reflecting the moistened vendure and shining beautifully Spirits of Forest...
clean air fills the space, making it all fresh and innocent.
When you step into the deep forest, there's a mystical world filled with the secrets of Life.

Divine Forest... You see numerous lives dwelling in silence of the deep green and just let everything grow...
Everything is One and All and it is Music played by sylvan spirits of the forest, a deep, grand
and quiet sanctuary men have never visited before.
The fantastic and mystical sound of synthetic harp and subtlety of the piano cleanse your heart.
When tuning into the divine, your heart will be released and healed freshly and clearly like the pure
and fresh air in the deep forest.
"Bird Harmony" of the prologue and epilogue is a healing welcome of the countless spirits of the nature.
Meditative sound in the middle may let you lose a sense of your body and invite you to a healing experience
to feel the whole universe, your original beings.