Mother Earth Relaxing at Heavenly Ocean

Mother Earth Relaxing at Heavenly Ocean

HAWAII, a beautiful paradise…

you will always hear the sounds of healing and relaxation there.
Among the motherly oceans, the source of our lives to nurture us gently yet
magnificently, “Heavenly Ocean” is one of the most beautiful, and its beach is
embraced gently by the warm waves. You will find yourself losing a sense of time and
healed by the bright and brilliant sunshine and the vivid and beautiful “resort”, a place
to return. When you leave yourself to the repetitive sound of the waves, you, the
children of the great nature, will be embraced by the veil of the great and beautiful
waves. The shimmering sound of the piano and its light and bright timbres will naturally and directly heal your heart.
The sound of the piano gently sways, and that of the ocean waves from the beach is
calm like a deep breath, and you may experience a magnificent comfort as the music
for yoga, good sleep and maternity.